since the day Eville had met Arowyn at the pond in the outskirts of the swamp. Ten years had fluttered by faster than the flap of a Whipperwig's wing, yet not a single detail of that day had slipped from Eville's memory.

Eville relived that day so often in her mind that she could recite every word the two shared. Eville often wished she had the courage to say more to Arowyn while she had the chance. Perhaps she should have asked Arowyn if the two could arrange to meet again? But perhaps that was a stupid idea entirely. Arowyn was a princess after all and Eville, she was nothing... this was something her caretaker, Baelzerog reminded her each and every day.


As years drifted by like lilies down a lazy stream, Eville began to understand that she was in fact, nothing. Well, nothing apart from a burden that is. Baelzerog was always preoccupied with whatever affairs consumed his time yet every day he had to pardon himself from his schedule to climb up to Eville's vine ridden cage to deliver her food.. 

It was taxing for Baelzerog. Eville knew this, which is why she met Baelzerog with a smile and thanked him for whatever he gave her to eat, even if it were only the scraps of rat bone stew he didn't finish.


Rat bone stew was a particularly nauseating meal but Eville never complained, mostly out of respect but also for fear that he may not bring anything else for her to eat again. There were plenty of nights where Eville wasn't able to stomach the stew as it would come up as quickly as she tried to put it down, though she'd had less of these incidents after meeting Arowyn because she'd distract herself with the memories of the unexpected encounter with her friend from the pond.

The memories of Arowyn were the only company Eville was allowed to keep. Since the day Eville met Arowyn, Baelzerog took extra measures to make sure Eville could not escape (though mind you, the "escape" was more of a release by whatever strange creature it was that destroyed hers hackles that hot Summer day). Regardless, after the incident Eville was not allowed to step foot out of her cage again... Until the day she turned sixteen.


On Eville's sixteenth birthday, not only was she unaware that it was her birthday but she also didn't know what a birthday was. The only indication of Eville's age was given in times when Baelzerog mentioned something or another about a harvest of some sort. Eville always found this rather odd because a swamp seemed to be the least practical place to start a farm but she knew better than to question Baelzerog's reasoning les't she was prepared to go a night (or two) without a meal. 


Apart from the mysterious harvest, (a matter that didn't much concern Eville), in these conversations, as Baelzerog fletched his poisonous arrows near the fire at the base of the tree in which she resided, he would sometimes allude to Eville's purpose. Though Baelzerog never mentioned what the purpose was, the idea of having one was an idea Eville had grown exceptionally fond of.


Eville often fantasized about the endless possibilities of what that purpose would be. Between that and reliving the day where she met the closest thing she'd ever had to a friend, Arowyn, Eville passed the time basking in a sea of wild imagination. Little did Eville know, however, that on her sixteenth birthday, that purpose she so desperately longed to fulfill would be revealed. 


And on that day, unfortunately, this the girl without a name would quickly learn that her purpose would be the very opposite of any purpose any good-hearted creature in Remeria would ever want to fulfill...