But though the hunger was painful and shackles with twice the weight of the last ones were painfully latched back onto Eville's fragile legs, she still managed to smile while watching the stars settle in the cloudy skies before falling to sleep, for on that humid summer day in the swamp, the girl who had spent so many years without a name finally had one....

Arowyn and Eville would continue playing at the pond for a short while longer before Arowyn would have to return to the royal caravan before night fall. Eville would also return to camp where she encountered her master's fury who punished her by forcing her to go to bed the next two nights without food. 

"Eville," Evil looked away as she looked at her reflection in the pond. A light breeze brushed across her face as she considered the peculiar name for a moment before she realized, it was perfect.


Arowyn cracked a smile in with her slightly chapped lips and confidently said the name, 

"Then what will you call me?" Evil's anticipation had begun to slip through.

Arowyn paused to toss the rock in her hand across the pond as it skipped six times before plunging into the water. "We can't call you Saville because that's a boy's name... and we can't call you Evil because well, that's a no-name."

"He was one of the greatest heroes Remeria has ever seen. And he was a good man. A banisher of evil. People come from all over the world to visit his shrine in the capital."

Evil didn't know what this war was that Arowyn spoke of but she nodded as if she did. Arowyn continued,

"My great, great great Uncle Saville was commander in the War of the Fates." 

Evil wanted to say something, but Arowyn's revelation had only confused her once again. Arowyn continued.

"I've got it! We'll let you keep the same name, but we'll make it different."

Arowyn's frown met Evil's face just a moment before her eyes lit up once again,

"Evil is the only name my master will allow me to be called."

Evil felt a glimmer of happiness tugging at her heart from Arowyn's response but she couldn't fully understand why. 

"You are not Evil. I have seen Evil and you look nothing of the sort."

"Evil is what I am. That is why he calls me that."

"Nonsense." Arowyn sharply snapped. "If he wanted to choose your name then he should have given you one in the first place."

"My master won't allow me to change my name."

"Well enough about me, we've got to find you a name."

Evil very much liked the name. "Arowyn," Evil wasn't sure if she had repeated the name aloud or in her head but judging from Arowyn's confused stare she knew which of the two she'd done.

"I am Arowyn, Princess of Remeria."

"You're joking, right?" The little girl chortled but Evil's blank stare assured made the the little girl that she wasn't.

"What is your name?" Evil responded shyly.

"You hate it," the little girl said. "Out with it then. Mother says it's better to be a harsh truth teller than a polite liar." 

Evil remained tight lipped as she forced a nod, wanting so badly to like the name more than she did.

"I met a boy from Brune once with the name, Fletch. Quite a good one if I do say so myself! So what do you think? Brilliant, isn't it?"

"Fetch?" Evil repeated with barely half the enthusiasm the little girl had for her revelation.

"I know! We'll call you Fetch," the girl exclaimed as she took the rock from Evil.

The little girl turned to Evil and studied her as if the answer would be written on her face. The girl's intense stare instantly made Evil so uncomfortable that she felt an immediate impulse to do something - anything - to escape from the girl's scrutinizing glare. After a quiet moment, Evil leaned down to fetch a rock from the mud. and handed it to the girl.

The little girl spoke to Evil with such conviction that Evil knew better than to argue. "Witches tits!" The little blonde girl proclaimed as one of the rocks she cast into the pond dunked beneath the water before it so much as skimmed across the surface. "But what kind of name is the question?"