The creature spoke sharply, its patience waning. "Stop lying. What do people call you?"

The little girl trembled, unsure how to satisfy the demanding creature's question.

"That's it. They call me evil. It's is the only thing anyone has ever called me,"

Though the little girl had only repeated her answer, it seemed to have calmed the creature's aggression... for that moment.

"That's a terrible name," the creature stood back and with its bony arm flung a rock into the pond in front of them. The little girl watched the rock rhythmically skim the water as it bounced several times before plunging beneath the depths. She could hardly contain her amazement. 

"Are you a sorcerer?!"

"A sorcerer?" The creature snapped back as it puffed up its chest and stood face to face with the little girl. "Do I look like a sorcerer?"

"Of course not!" The little girl decided it best to give an answer that would induce the least amount of anger from the tempermental creature.

"Really now? You think I don't look intimidating enough to be a sorcerer, do you?" The creature raised a fist to the little girl who took a few steps back.

Finally, the creature lowered its fist and broke into laughter. 

"Tortoise tits I'm joking. I'm not a sorcerer. I'm just a girl. Just a simple, boring, girl like you." 

The creature tossed another rock into the pond that skipped five times before sinking beneath the water.

"I am?" The little girl watched the creature -- or the other girl, rather -- skip a third rock across the pond.

"Yes," the creature responded, "You are a girl. A very strange one at that."

The little smiled at the idea that she might bare some fragment of resemblance to this fascinating creature that stood next to her in the swamp...